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I used this url as a theme blog once, but I've moved to yukoki now! Here is where I keep old questions for others to check if the question's been asked before. [ , ]
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hi! for theme 07 (dream) i have a question about the speech bubble/text box in the sidebar. is there any way to edit the coding so that there's no scroll bar in the box? just for personal preference, since i have a lot of text in the box and you have to scroll a lot to read it all. thank you!

Go over to line 764 of the code. It should be the line:

overflow: auto;

And simply delete that line off. Keep in mind, though. If you’re deleting the scroll bar, it means that your custom links and pagination gets pushed down.

Hi! I know you're advanced in coding and everything, but I want to know how to make the caption on my photos not show without having to remove them manually. Thank you~

I’m sorry, but I think the only way you can remove all captions is to remove it manually. Unless someone else had already coded in the option, of course.

To do so manually:

First find:

{block:Caption}<div class=”text”>{Caption}</div>{/block:Caption}
{block:Caption}<div class=”text”>{Caption}</div>{/block:Caption}

And delete the bolded sections. The captions should be deleted off that way.

hello there! just want to say i absolutely adore theme 7 <33 just wondering though, will you make a different version of it? i mean, with different post sizes or sidebar thingy? i really want to use it, but i can't since it wont fit my screen and becomes all messy :( its okay if you wont though, but still, just want you to know that you and your themes rock! xx

At the moment, I’m working on another theme, but I may plan on updating it (adding different post sizes, etc) in the near future. :)

However, you can also change the position of the posts manually, by taking a look at this post.

And thank you so much, anon! <3

Is there a way to shift the "date | notes | reblog" so that it is permanently on the bottom of a post for the Dream theme instead of a hover at the top?

Yes, there is a way, but it’s quite complicated, and I would expect you to have at least some experience with HTML/CSS…

Ah, it worked! Thank you! :3

You’re welcome! :)

The umi live preview link doesn't work ;u;

Ahh thanks so much for telling me! I’ve just fixed it! :)

For dream... How do you put the music?

Sorry, but at the moment, none of my themes support your own music… ;;

Question about theme 07! Everything is too far right for my taste. I've been searching through the code looking for a way to separate the posts from the title bar, but I didn't find anything that stuck out. I also didn't want to change anything because I would definitely mess it up, so I was wondering if you remembered where that was. Again, I really just want more space between the posts and the title bar. Thanks! The theme is really fantastic!

Really, the placement of everything depends on your computer screen size. For me, there’s actually quite a considerable space between the title and the posts. But if you want to change it to suit your tastes, then go over to line 134 of the code. If nothing was changed at all, then the words on that line should be ‘margin-left: 300px’. Decrease/Increase the value until you’re satisfied! :)

So is this theme blog a sideblog to your main blog? Or is it another account made for this blog?

It’s a side blog. I know I should be making it a main blog, though…

Hey, so the audio post problem somehow solved itself! (Maybe it was an internet issue or something...) You can disregard my other ask now, thanks!

I didn’t get any other asks, but I’m glad that the problem got solved! :)