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I used this url as a theme blog once, but I've moved to yukoki now! Here is where I keep old questions for others to check if the question's been asked before. [ , ]
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warning: inactive

please follow yukoki instead! ;3;

just another heads up to everyone

I will no longer be updating this page!! Please find me at yukoki instead! Thank you!

Your taglist looks great, but the preview link is not working.

Yeah, I noticed it some time ago, and just fixed it… Ahhahaah ;;

new url - yukoki →
moving accounts + possible url change

I’ll be shifting all the themes to a different account… And I’ll be having to start up all over again.
As for ask posts, I’ll either have to screenshot them and repost them, or just keep them up on an old FAQ page or something.
Sources/Via’s will be a bit messed up for now, while I reblog everything to the new account…

Another note: Theme [01] Simplicity will be removed. Sorry to its fans, if it even had any… ;; Aaaaand all the other themes will be moved down by one number, so now, Madness will be Theme [01], Menma is Theme [02], and so on…

All your themes are 100% awesome and cute, thank you so much :)

Ahh thank you so much!! <3

what theme are you using on your blog right now?

It’s a custom theme made for displaying my themes.

Hello! uhm, why does the umi theme not look right when I install it? I refreshed the page, but it looks messed up D8

Did you make sure to check the box for what post size you want? In the customize page? It think that’s probably the problem…

Hello ^^ Do you have any themes that have two columns, a side bar and a second background image? I've been trying to find a theme with all these features for the last 2 hours -_- I'd appreciate it if you could help me out. Thanks :)

No, sorry, but I do not have a theme like that.

And I am not doing any personal requests at the moment.

Ah, hi! I wanted to tell you I LOVE your themes! ^-^ I just wanted to ask, is there a way to add a column? To make 2 columns instead of 1? :o

I’m actually planning on adding an option to some of the themes to add a double column soon! Please wait until then! :>